A Line of Dwarves

Deinol's Pyramid

Deinol, 1st of Granite, 306

I don’t know why I agreed to step in for another year. Maybe I hit my head while digging. Oh well, at least this way I can finally make certain I have a proper tomb built.

Why are so many dwarves not working? We have a huge unemployment problem. Clearly I’ll need to start a new work project. I know! Build a tomb! I’ve also heard our fisherdwarves keep being attacked, so maybe a wall should be built around the fishing areas.

Why don’t we have any masons working? Even if there is nothing else to do, every workshop should be making blocks. But furniture! We don’t have any weapon or armor racks? No wonder the Dungeon Master is cranky.

Deinol, 5th of Granite, 306

I tell the woodcutters to have at the new crop of trees. The elves won’t be happy, but if they were I wouldn’t be doing my job right.

I have realized that the Fortress Guard is woefully understaffed. Any layabouts that I cannot find work for will be recruited.

Deinol, 14th of Granite, 306

Goblin ambush from the northeast. Definitely need to finish that wall area. I order all the dwarves back inside while the troops deal with it, but a hunter is caught on arrival.

Deinol, 15th of Granite, 306

Our chief marksdwarf decided to go “pick up equipment” off the fallen hunter. This brought him in direct contact with the goblin archers.

He takes out one of them and wounds another before getting shot himself.

The rest of the squad arrives to make a last stand over his body but his wounds were too great.

The remaining goblins are slaughtered by the other two marksdwarves. I order the grave of our fallen champion to be engraved with his exploits.

Deinol, 24th of Granite, 306

Trade with some elves. They bring wood and cloth. I give them our finely crafted silk goods. They don’t seem to mind the goblin blood.

Deinol, 4th of Slate, 306

Small mining mishap with my tomb project. I should have dug a slightly different way. Oh well, Rith wasn’t badly hurt.

Deinol, 14th of Slate, 306

Some migrants arrived, including a philosopher. What use it this guy? Our population is now 123.

Deinol, 2nd of Felsite, 306

It appears the stockpiles are full. I’ve got a bunch of dwarves standing around doing nothing. I’ll see what I can do to fix that, but it may take some time.

Deinol, 5th of Felsite, 306

A bunch of the workers are complaining about a groundhog hanging around the river. Excuse me? Is there something I don’t know about the fierceness of groundhogs?

Deinol, 7th of Felsite, 306

Sent the soldiers to patrol the river, cleared out the groundhog infestation. I think some of the dwarves have been talking to elves a little too often.

Deinol, 20th of Hematite, 306

Banana is elected mayor! Congratulations!

Deinol, 8th of Malachite, 306

Adil Asteshnitig has created atridmunest lilarrasuk, a copper flask. Valued at 276000. All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encircled with bands of billon. This object is adorned with hanging rings of turtle shell and menaces with spikes of copper, schorl and phyllite. On the item is an image of a phyllite bracelet in billon. On the item is an image of a groundhog bone bed in phyllite. On the item is an image of cats in rope reed.

Deinol, 14th of Malachite, 306

I finished the wall around the fishing area. I also had Dooms install a floodgate to block off the entrance in case of emergencies.

Deinol, 17th of Malachite, 306

Stupid monkeys keep bothering our workers. I’m going to set the marksdwarves on hunt for a little while, and hope they clear them out of the area.

Deinol, 2nd of Galena, 306

Banana, why do you insist we make waterskins? I mean, I like that you are mayor and all, but shouldn’t you leave the management of construction to me for a while? You can do this next year, ok?

Deinol, 9th of Galena, 306

Sibrek Emalducim died of injuries from what I assume was a sparing match. Our population is now at 122.

Deinol, 10th of Galena, 306

I made some offices and furnished them for the mayor and dungeon master. Now they should stop complaining about how terrible their accomadations are.

Deinol, 20th of Galena, 306

Banana met with the humans. Here are their requests. I say they get whatever we feel like making.

Deinol, 15th of Sandstone, 306

Mebzuth Lisatzuglar has created Luslemgatin, a obsidian armor stand. Valued at 61200. It is encircled with bands of Pine, muskox bone and pink tourmaline. This object is adorned with hanging rings of phyllite and menaces with spikes of obsidian and rose gold. On the item is an image of a shining sun in turtle shell. On the item is an image of a quarry bush in turtle shell. On the item is an image of a horse in hoary marmot bone.

Deinol, 25th of Sandstone, 306

Some more migrants arrive, bringing our total up to 131.

Deinol, 25th of Timber, 306

Edzul, the cook, gave birth to a baby girl.

Deinol, 12th of Moonstone, 306

Another goblin ambush. Told everyone but the soldiers to get inside. At least they attacked the front gate, so I didn’t have to wait long for the troops to get into position. Lost one to the initial attack though.

Deinol, 19th of Moonstone, 306

I called the all clear too soon. Another wave came from the east.

Deinol, 25th of Moonstone, 306

After a brief firefight, most of the goblins fled west.

Deinol, 19th of Opal, 306

Banana had a long talk with the liason from mountainhome. Here’s what they’d like us to produce:

Deinol, 12th of Obsidian, 306

I spent half the year looking for more aluminum. I finally give up and decide to mine some cinnabar and look what I found!

Deinol, 18th of Obsidian, 306

Bomrek Zenegobok has create Uvothrem Bobet Shadmal, a cave spider silk rope. Valued at 8800. It is encrusted with alunite and decorated with turtle shell. It is made from cave spider silk cloth. This object menaces with spikes of cave spider silk. On the item is an image of two groundhogs in hoary marmot leather.

Those groundhogs sure left an impression on the artists.

Deinol, 1st of Granite, 307

I’m finished with all my projects. My tomb is very nice, with some legendary engravings by Banana. I am quite satisfied.

It was a fairly quiet year overall. Our defenses are in fairly good shape. Our smithy production needs a bit more organization. We are probably overdue for an expansion of the living quarters. The fisherman can fish in peace thanks to the wall. I stockpiled some cinnabar for anyone who wants to be decorative.

I think I’m going back to the simple mining life again. Good luck Banana!

Tower of Power

Warhammer, 2nd Granite, 305

Well, the elections are finally done (How we managed to keep em secret from the noble, I’ll never know) and I am now the new ruler of this fortress. still not sure how i got voted in. Heck, i spend so much time in my workshop making crafts that i barely know anyone. ah well, down to buisness. Had a talk withe the previous administration. didn’t catch most of it, mainly dealt with military concerns, but it’s not like the guy is going anywhere.

later took a walk around the fortress to get better acquainted with the fortress when i noticed something about our archery ranges: the marksdwarves are standing two feet from the target. I quickly ordered the Masons to build walls to extend the archery range.

Mason: can’t, sorry

Me: and why not?

Mason: the floor is in the way of building walls. Can’t build a wall on floors.

I must say that yelling is oddly satisfying.

Warhammer, 3rd Granite, 305

ordered masons to finish the fortifications on the walls. didn’t get to yell. disappointed.

bad news today. we are running low on beer. The book keeper believes we have less than one pint of beer per person int the fort.

I immediately order the production of more beer.

let’s hope he manages to get it done.

Warhammer, 8th Granite, 305

was talking to some military guys recently. They said they would like a small tower on the northern wall to help with lookout duties. Currently planning with the masons and architects to get it done. am planning to add catapults to the top to help with sieges.

Warhammer, 15th Granite, 305

Elven caravan arrived today

Tried trading them some crafts for some wood after a short, one sided, Very loud discussion with the miners as to why we can’t cut down saplings for wood. But they left mumbling about trees. none of the crafts were made of wood, so no idea what’s irking him.

Warhammer, 18th Granite, 305


Warhammer, 19th Granite, 305

another thief. interrupted a soldier on patrol to the north. Archery range finished. Waiting to construct tower until masons finish fortifying the southern wall

Warhammer, 21st Granite, 305

Fisher gave birth to a baby girl. She promptly loses it and begins trying to find it.

we now have more booze than people.though we did hit 1 unit of booze at one point.

Warhammer, 27th Granite, 305

migrants arrived

what we got:
  • 4 siege Engineers (+donkey, bull)
  • Animal dissector
  • dyer
  • clothier
  • cook
  • 3 peasants (+cow, mule)
  • trapper
  • weaver
  • miner
  • metalcrafter
  • soap maker (guess who gets drafted)
  • armorer
  • animal trainer

population: 100 flat

Aban Ninglath became a legendary champion

Warhammer, 21st Felsite, 305

Child got taken by mood. took the last of our wood. Yelled at parents for raising a social reject.

Warhammer, 28th Felsite, 305

Child made an obsidian ring.

yelled at child for using up last of wood.

Book keeper tells me that we are running short of Booze….... Again.

Warhammer, 12 hematite, 305

human caravan arrived with wood, and booze (Huzzah!) had some other stuff that we couldn’t afford it all. Seized goods we couldn’t grab.

Warhammer, 2 Malachite, 305

thief appeared

Warhammer, 16 Malachite, 305

Unib is cranking out a Feldspar of masterpieces

Began construction on my tomb. it will be a 15 story tall tower in the courtyard. I dare all later rulers to build a taller tower in under a year for their own family tombs.

Warhammer, 17 Malachite, 305

thief appeared. hunter killed it.

Migrants Arrived

Warhammer, 17 Galena, 305

dwarf starved today. apparently, she got stuck on a ledge.

Migrants arrived
  • cook
  • planter
  • engraver
  • 2 peasant
  • leatherworker
  • woodcutter
  • mason

population 108

Warhammer, 14 limestone, 305

caravan arrived

Snatcher arrived, but got away unharmed

Warhammer, 22 Limestone, 305

Ambush occured, all goblins annihilated. no casualties

woodcutter had a mood

Another ambush, probably alit’s last stand, but he took one Goblin with him.

scene of the last stand

a few more were taken care of by the military

Warhammer, 4 Sandstone, 305

artifact completed. an alder ring.

Warhammer, 5 sandstone, 305

snatcher arrived. nearly made off with kid but i activated a nearby miner. miner killed the goblin, but the child suffocated soon after. (not sure why she suffocated)

animal population killing framerate. beginning mass executions.

dwarves are refusing to harvest 20+ plump helmets. not sure why.

Warhammer, 14 sandstone, 305

‘nother snatcher, killed it dead

Warhammer, 4 Timber, 305

we have somehow run out of plump helmet spawn. yelled at cooks for killing seeds

Warhammer, 12 Timber, 305

My tomb is now complete. it is ten stories tall with a section about 4 stories up for markes dwarves to use if a siege ever occurs.

some of the dwarves have started sitting in front of the archeru targets while drinking. not sure why, maybe it’s sunnier there?

Rhesus macaque interrupted som fishers. sent military to deal with it.

Warhammer, 14 Obsidian, 305

leatherworker taken by mood. made this doozy.

all that happened during winter.

Siege of Winter

Xieg, 10th Moonstone, 304

Siege! Those damned goblins dare oppose us? The troops have been mobilized and are at their posistions!

Xieg, 19th Moonstone, 304

Siege is broken. A number of goblins have been captured in cage traps at the front gate. The new wrestler squad, which was stationed deep in the fort due to the high number of archers, decided to charge out anyway. A number are dead or wounded. Started to forge armor for the survivors.

Goddamnit, they also got the watchbear.

Xieg, 6th Opal, 304

Installed the some goblin captives in my tomb. I think it adds a certain ambiance.

Xieg, 2nd Obsidian, 304

My term will be coming to a close soon. Probably a good thing, I need a vacation. Booze is becoming an issue. We have plenty of plants to brew, but barrels are scarce. We are very low on wood and copper barrels take a while. A note for my predescessor, make barrels, make booze, wash, rinse, repeat.

Xieg, 1st Granite, 305

Attached is the final fort status as well as the current requests from both the Humans and Dwarves. May the next leader do things wisely, or at the very least dwarvenly.



Redid the dining room so its two long sets of tables with a single row of cages between the tables. Added meeting areas to the tombs so that dwarves will visit the fallen once in a while.

Booze is a problem due to the lack of barrels, smiths are currently making a crapton of copper ones.

We also have a large quantity of caged animals. Someone needs to make a zoo or something.

Oh and the next ruler should try and finish the foritifications on top of the red wall to make the marksdwarves life easier. A second tower on the north side would be a good idea too.

More Dwarves

Xieg, 11th Limestone, 304

Dwarves! Envoys from the mountainhome! Atlast we can trade for some proper dwarven booze!

Grabbed some wood, booze, food, seeds, cheap cages, and a pair of steel corkscrews for future magma megaprojects.

Xieg, 19th Limestone, 304

Started training marksdwarves. Hopefully we won’t have to use them anytime soon, they can’t hit the broad side of a forge.

Xieg, 13th Sandstone, 304

My tomb has been completed, for now anyway. It is filled with the products of the new forges, 4 billon statues and a billon sarcophogus. I would have opted for platinum, but we haven’t uncovered much as of yet.

Xieg, 2nd Timber, 304

Minus one soldier who is on leave due to losing a toe in a freak wrestling accident, my marksdwarf squad is complete, each having achieved the necessary skill to shoot a bolt into a fleshy enemy.

Xieg, 3rd Timber, 304

A dwarf named Nish, a farmer, has withdrawn from society. Wonder what this one is going to do. He claimed the craftdwarf shop. That’s alot of stuff he is grabbing there.

Xieg, 10th Timber, 304

Migrant wave, dandy. More mouths to feed.
  • 1 Jeweler
  • 1 Siege Operator
  • 1 Butcher
  • 1 Woodcrafter
  • 1 Woodburner
  • 1 Pump Operator
  • 3 Useless Peasant
  • 1 Horse
  • 1 Cow

Now there are 85 of us. Thats alot of dwarves to keep busy.

And the artifact is done. Misastis, The Hazy Dunes, a groundhog bone bed. I like it. Its going in my new bedroom.

Magma Summer

Xieg, 15th Felsite, 304

It is completed. Pierced the wall today and now sweet sweet magma is pouring down the channel. Fortifications setup in the channel should also keep out the pesky imps and magmamen that dwell there. Three cheers for the miners who completed this job!

On another joyous note, my office is also complete. A nice quiet place to validate all those work orders I imagine future rulers will be using. Hint Hint

Xieg, 19th Felsite, 304

Sigun, a tanner, has withdrawn from society. Hopefully we have the tools he needs to complete whatever grand design Armok has fed into his mind. He claimed the leatherworks. If all works out I may have someone who can crank out some decent leather pieces for the military, atleast until we have a proper set of dwarfy metal armor for each dwarf.

Xieg, 20th Felsite, 304

And he has begun.

Xieg, 24th Felsite, 304

A rhesus macaque caught and killed a one of the dwarves today as he was gather plants from the country side. The locals have dubbed him Thosbutgusil, or Drillcopper in the common tongue. I didn’t know those monkeys had it in them to kill a dwarf.

In better news today, Sigun has finished his creation. A hoary Marmot leather shield that he has named Omristadek, Wildside. I find it rather appropriate. Instructed one of the soldiers to pick it up and start training his shield skills. The downside is he seems to have applied the divine knowledge to his tanning ability. He can really stretch and tan some dead animal skin with skill, but otherwise he is useless

Xieg, 10th Hematite, 304

Been a slow summer so far. Today humans came to visit. Wonder what they are carrying.

Quite a few good things. Bought out all their wood and booze, a mess of meat, and an anvil. Looks like all that goblin equipment we’ve been storing came in handy.

Xieg, 15th Hematite, 304

My magma channel seems to have emptied an entire layer of the magma pipe.

Xieg, 17th Hematite, 304

Halls are getting too clogged. Had to tear apart former ruler Banana’s office to expand them. He is currently been relocated to the dining room. Will remedy this at the first opportunity.

Xieg, 25th Hematite, 304

Civilian dorm relocation moving along nicely. Should have everyone move into the new apartment complexes with time to move onto other projects. Each dwarf has a room with a door, bed, and cabinet to stop the spread of everyone’s clothes into the halls.

Xieg, 27th Malachite, 304

Quiet month. Set the engravers to engrave the smoothed dining room to make in as fancy as possible. That should keep the dwarves happy for a while.

Xieg, 7th Galena, 304

Rhesus macaques again. No sign of Drillcopper though. Methinks he has gone off to greener pastures.

Xieg, 12th Galena, 304

Forge area has been cleaned of useless stone, dropped into the new magma dump in the lower corner there. Starting to setup some smelters and once I dig into that hematite vein and make some more anvils, a series of forges will go up too.

Snatcher Spring

Xieg, 1st Granite, 304

The reigns of power were foisted upon me this morning. Not entirely sure why, up until now I’ve been unemployed, just like 50% of this fortress, 60 dwarf fortress, 28 idling in the dining hall. Stupid idea coming out here, nothing to do. But, now that I am in charge, lets fix that.

First, time to spread the power around. Our previous ruler Banana seems to think he can be both Bookkeeper and Manager. Bah I say! I have since installed myself as manager and am having a modest office carved out for me.

Second order of business is to re-purpose the majority of these dwarves who are jobless. Beefing up our agridwarf sector by having a number of them take up farming. Some of the more useless dwarves have been drafted.

Now, there are many exposed ore veins here, as well as gems out the wazoo. It is a mystery to me why a forge operation hasn’t been setup. Ever since we discovered that magma pipe its been sitting there unused. Begun a magma channel project to bring magma to an area to the east of the dining room, where a proper forge will be started.

Xieg, 12th Granite, 304

Just discovered our hunters are apprently badasses. They chase after muskoxes and bludgeon them to death with either fist or crossbow. When I inquired as to why they do that instead of shooting them, I am told they have no more bolts. This ofcourse was said by one hunter as he stood next to a spent bolt. Right there, right next to him. I told them to re-use their old bolts as well as ordered the craftsdwarf to carve more out of bones.

Xieg, 15th Granite, 304

Elves! Tree hugging cannabalistic bastards. Lets see what they are offering me.

Wood and cloth… I hate elves. We commandeered the wood and sent the hippies on their way. Have since started barrel mass production.

Goblins! Ambushing bastards. Mobilizing the troops to deal with them while all civilians are ordered inside.

Snatcher! What the hell is with all these visitors today?

Well the dwarf who found the snatcher dealt with him easily, but was soon set upon by the ambushers. He was a pin cushion by the time the military arrived. They dealt with the ambushers, lost a couple of dwarves to crossbow fire though. Need to establish a marksdwarf squad to deal with the green bastards.

Xieg, 20th Granite, 304

Second and Third snatcher this month. Who pissed in the goblin’s cereal today? Its not like we have produced any real value here yet.

Xieg, 25th Granite, 304

More ambushes. Lost another dwarf to the goblins.

And snatchers. Wish they would just siege already

And a kobold thief. That’s certainly different Not sure where but there is certainly alot of yelling about him. On second though found him. He stabbed a woodcutter in the head and ran off. Guy is lucky to still have one eye.

Xieg, 20th Slate, 304

Mostly uneventful this month, except for that naked insane peasant finally croaking.

Xieg, 22nd Slate, 304

Migrants… Lead by a dungeon master. Entirely naked except for the hood, cloak, and a pair of mittens… Why? Its raining for Armok’s sake!

Grand total migrants:
  • 1 Dungeon Master (thank Armok only one)
  • 1 Miner (Hallelujah, digging can go faster now.)
  • 1 Siege Operator
  • 1 Animal Trainer
  • 1 Animal Dissector
  • 1 Mechanic
  • 2 Fishery Worker
  • 1 Woodworker
  • 1 Leahterworker
  • 2 Weaver
  • 1 Weaponsmith
  • 1 Metalcrafter
  • 1 Metalsmith
  • 1 Craftsdwarf
  • 5 Useless Peasant
  • 1 Useless Child
  • 1 Dog
  • 2 Cow
  • 3 Donkey
  • 1 Horse
  • 2 Mule
  • 2 Cat (Damnit. Didn’t see the sexes. I have heard tales of forts being drowned in cats due to a phenomenon known as catsplosion. Will keep an eye on the cat populations.)

In other news, the magma channel is almost complete. Soon we will crack open the magma pipe and have plenty of fuel for our fires.

Shell Shock

Banana, 303

Thats a good looking wall


Thats a really nice wall

i dont even remember why i took this picture, lulz

Milker goes secretive

Flooding wasnt going anywhere. I just closed it off and made the plot on what was there.

Made a really big stockpile room for food, finished goods, wood, and furniture since we didnt have big enough stockpiles for them downstairs

Double report. Fisher gets pwned by goblins and that milker from earlier goes insane.

I dont fully understand this picture. The goblins were attacking this guy for like 5 minutes and then the goblins just took off. The guy was perfectly fine, a few cuts a scrapes but he wasnt dead.

Id better make some bins.

Milker dies.

And this is a great follow up for that

He goes insane and dies

Another strange mood

lots o’ mechanisms. If the next person plans to do anything with the magma, you will have little to no trouble getting things set up.


even moar lulz

Peasant goes insane


Banana’s Tomb:


  • We have NO wood. This will be a problem.
  • All of my strange moods have required shells. HE HAVE NO SHELLS.
  • I have done nothing with the magma.
  • That peasant is still insane
  • The stoneworkers are smoothing all of the bedrooms to make dwarves happier. Feel free to let them or stop it. Whichever works for you.
  • You might want to make some more doors to put on the bedrooms because some of them are without doors.
Winter at the Wall

Doomshifter, 1st of Moonstone, 302. Early Winter

Ah, there’s a chill in the air today. Winter has arrived, at last! Not that anyone seems to care. The well is finally operational, thanks to me putting a wall in place to make the reservoir a bit smaller. The original size was a little over the top, and I doubt we’ll need that much water.

Doomshifter, 2nd of Moonstone, 302.

I am SICK and TIRED of dwarves tracking their filthy muddy boots ALL OVER my courtyard. So, I’ve come up with a FINAL SOLUTION.

“PAVE THE COURTYARD! NOW!” I shouted at them!

Maybe this will teach those filthy fools…

Doomshifter, 13th of Moonstone, 302.

What is that we caught in our cages today, diary? A goblin you say? Boring. A goblin MASTER THIEF you say? Now we’re talking.

What sort of a MASTER THIEF walks into a cage trap?

Doomshifter, 17th of Moonstone, 302.

Ms. Wetdike here has a penchant for running into kobolds! How fortunate for a woodcutter to be running into them! She clubbed the thing right to the edge of our road with a single swing and kept going.

Doomshifter, 22nd of Moonstone, 302.

You’d think that goblins and kobolds WANT to die. Another woodcutter found a goblin thief and sliced his head off with her axe. I saw it about 10 paces away from his body. 2 paces in the other direction lay it’s arm. Clearly it didn’t stand a chance.

Doomshifter, 28th of Moonstone, 302.

A fisherdwarf went secretive. He barged into the craftsdwarf’s shop and booted the guy out. Goodness knows what he’s going to make, but I have a feeling it will be very pretty and probably rather useless. ... I’ve seen what he took, and I know that it will be VERY shiny. He took a lump of native aluminium, a rough pink tourmaline and some elk leather.

Doomshifter, 6th of Opal, 302.

Our fisherdwarf friend made an AMAZING bracelet! It even has a picture of THE QUEEN in native aluminium! I’m impressed. ‘Steelold the Pungent Fortification’. It certainly reeks of fish, that’s for sure…

Doomshifter, 14th of Opal, 302.

Our chef has given birth to a bouncing baby boy! Yay! She is quite the baby-machine, this lady. She’s already got two other children, but this is her first boy.

Doomshifter, 7th of Obsidian, 302.

I promoted Deinol to Sheriff! He seems pleased. So pleased, in fact, he asked me for a nicer room. Considering that I one day may be sharing that room, I gladly obliged.

Doomshifter, 19th of Obsidian

Diary, I’m getting tired of this leadership stuff. I think it might be time soon to settle down and get back to my mechanisms… I’ll give it to the end of the year, and fob the job off on some other unfortunate.

Doomshifter, 24th of Obsidian

I told the dwarves to give me something nice to commemorate my leaving. I ordered them to build another layer to my wall, purely out of the cinnabar I found. A bright red wall! It will be glorious!!

a few teardrops mark the page

Doomshifter, 1st of Granite, 303. Early Spring

It’s new years day, Diary! Time for my leadership to end! Hopefully my brilliant red wall will go ahead as planned to mark my leaving the post. I’ll leave a note of our fortress’ stocks for the next ruler, may he or she rule prosperously and lead Boltnarrows to it’s inevitable greatness! I’m so sad, but I’m so happy!

So long, Diary! May you reach good hands, and may Edim’s charity reach the next ruler!

(( Okay, so my year is up! I’m a bit sad, because I had sooo much fun! My paving project was half-completed, so just let that run. As well as my big red wall :3

Some notes for the next ruler.
  • Down below, there is a room very slowly flooding. Once it is all flooded, or at least all muddied, I recommend you pull the levers to close the flow of water and open the room to the public (I’ve marked all of the levers with a N)ote.) Use this muddy rock to farm on.
  • You might want to do something with that magma, which I left untouched. I don’t have a military, so four fire imps and a fire-man are kinda dangerous. That area is blocked off at the moment. ))


Autumn Magma

(( And NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED oOo till of course we got to autumn. ))

Doomshifter, 1st of Limestone, 302. Early Autumn.

The weather changed today, so I know today is the first day of autumn. I could just feel that cool wind blow when I stepped outside to inspect my new wall.

I’ve written up a list of stocks so far, just in case someone else reads this journal.

As I was walking inside, I passed by one of our trained masons, Ducim. I waved hello to her, but she suddenly went all quiet and ran towards her mason shop. Apparently she’s locked herself in there. I hope I didn’t offend her or something!

Doomshifter, 4th of Limestone, 302. Early Autumn.

I hear sounds of furious scraping and chipping from where Ducim is working. She’s taken 3 lumps of Phyllite and a rough moonstone.

Doomshifter, 6th of Limestone, 302. Early Autumn.

What is this? Why didn’t anyone tell me?! I had to sniff the burning scent of molten rock out myself!

Well, whatever. I found the magma! I count 4 fire imps and a man of flame, so we’ll have to be careful for now!

Doomshifter, 7th of Limestone, 302. Early Autumn.

A groundhog walked into one of our traps. Our legendary carpenter, who was nearby at the time, decided he’d take this opportunity to tear the mangled animal to pieces with his bare hands. I’m a little worried for him.

Doomshifter, 9th of Limestone, 302.

Ducim finally came out of her workshop holding the nicest hatch cover I ever did see!

Doomshifter, 16th of Limestone, 302.

An injured muskox appears to be flopping around outside the walls, spooking the workers. I’ll send someone over to deal with it.

Doomshifter, 18th of Limestone, 302.

Traders arrived!

Snatcher arrived! Liason found him. But, I know that guy. He’s crazy tough, that goblin is as good as dead.

... or not. I watched as the liason fled from the pathetic goblin.

Doomshifter, 22nd of Limestone, 302.

Some potash maker was stuck up on this ledge. No one even likes him, but I thought I should save him anyway.

Doomshifter, 5th of Sandstone 302.

Deinol reported back to me with what the next caravan would like from us.

Why would the mountainhomes want windows so bad? What are you going to look at with them underground?

Doomshifter, 7th of Sandstone, 302.

My watchtower is coming along nicely!

Doomshifter, 17th of Sandstone, 302.

The traders left, finally. With them they bring our useless junk high quality trade goods to the mountainhomes.

Doomshifter, 18th of Sandstone, 302.

The dog at the gates started barking like mad, and I heard the distinctive swing of a cage trap loaded with a wooden cage. It’s a beautiful sound…

I ran out to see what it was. I was both surprised and greatly amused at the same time. Okay, I laughed when I saw what poor creature got stuck in the cage. I laughed right at it, but I don’t think anyone else will mind.

I’ll leave our friend here for public jeering in the dining hall.

Doomshifter, 19th of Sandstone, 203.

I saw a rather soggy dwarf holding some stone before. It’s not raining… why was he so wet?

((What the fuck? Get out of there, you!))

Doomshifter, 9th of Timber, 302.

I was staring out at our glorious traps today, and one… one just caught my eye. It wasn’t very special, just a weapon trap with a kobold’s dagger attached to it, but it made an impact on me. I decided to give him a name.

He shall surely serve us for years to come!

Doomshifter, 15th of Timber, 302.

We found a large vein of copper! Excellent!

Summer of Love

Doomshifter, 3rd of Hematite, 203. Early Summer.

Our carpenter finished his work! Tilesh Ríbar, he called it, which translates to ‘The Trusses of Homage’. It’s a Birchen casket, with an image of three waves on the front. I hope this isn’t a bad omen… I sure hope we aren’t anywhere near an ocean! Haha.

In honour of my own rulership here, I assigned it to be built for my use in the afterlife. Erith is now back to work on beds, and I must say that all the work he is doing is rather nice!

Doomshifter, 13th of Hematite, 203.

The wall is going well! Inner and outer sections are complete. I’m flooring it, and then I will roof it.

Doomshifter, 17th of Hematite, 203.

All hail! Deinol has become a legendary miner.

Doomshifter, 22nd of Hematite, 203.

My far superior flooding system for some large underground farmland is nearly ready for action! One floodgate still needs to be placed, and both of these connected to mechanisms before we can use it.

Doomshifter, 4th of Malachite, 203.

Began work on larger meeting/dining room, so I could house more dwarves and widen the choked pathways!

Doomshifter, 6th of Malachite, 203.

So, I was talking to Deinol today, and…

No WONDER he gave me this job! I’m so happy!

((Just a note here, I had NO IDEA THIS HAPPENED. I went to see how I was doing, and then I noticed I was in love, and then I noticed… hehe..))

Doomshifter, 20th of Malachite, 203.

Not much happened lately, but I do have some notes. *The wall is finished, except for the roof. *The chamber is almost ready to flood. *We ran out of wood. *My tomb is coming along nicely. It even has engravings of my coffin! 8The new dining room is up and running.

Doomshifter, 4th of Galena, 203.

The dining room is all carved out, tables and chairs are being moved inside, and all the walls and floors are being smoothed.

Doomshifter, 15th of Galena, 203.

Warm rock? Rith, the miner, tells us that this may mean that there is magma around here! I can only hope that we’ve found a vein of the mountain’s blood, so we can start metalworking!

Doomshifter, 23rd of Galena, 203.


I am overjoyed! I might make some modifications to it, too. All those useless migrant workers need something to do!


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