A Line of Dwarves

Autumn Magma

(( And NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED oOo till of course we got to autumn. ))

Doomshifter, 1st of Limestone, 302. Early Autumn.

The weather changed today, so I know today is the first day of autumn. I could just feel that cool wind blow when I stepped outside to inspect my new wall.

I’ve written up a list of stocks so far, just in case someone else reads this journal.

As I was walking inside, I passed by one of our trained masons, Ducim. I waved hello to her, but she suddenly went all quiet and ran towards her mason shop. Apparently she’s locked herself in there. I hope I didn’t offend her or something!

Doomshifter, 4th of Limestone, 302. Early Autumn.

I hear sounds of furious scraping and chipping from where Ducim is working. She’s taken 3 lumps of Phyllite and a rough moonstone.

Doomshifter, 6th of Limestone, 302. Early Autumn.

What is this? Why didn’t anyone tell me?! I had to sniff the burning scent of molten rock out myself!

Well, whatever. I found the magma! I count 4 fire imps and a man of flame, so we’ll have to be careful for now!

Doomshifter, 7th of Limestone, 302. Early Autumn.

A groundhog walked into one of our traps. Our legendary carpenter, who was nearby at the time, decided he’d take this opportunity to tear the mangled animal to pieces with his bare hands. I’m a little worried for him.

Doomshifter, 9th of Limestone, 302.

Ducim finally came out of her workshop holding the nicest hatch cover I ever did see!

Doomshifter, 16th of Limestone, 302.

An injured muskox appears to be flopping around outside the walls, spooking the workers. I’ll send someone over to deal with it.

Doomshifter, 18th of Limestone, 302.

Traders arrived!

Snatcher arrived! Liason found him. But, I know that guy. He’s crazy tough, that goblin is as good as dead.

... or not. I watched as the liason fled from the pathetic goblin.

Doomshifter, 22nd of Limestone, 302.

Some potash maker was stuck up on this ledge. No one even likes him, but I thought I should save him anyway.

Doomshifter, 5th of Sandstone 302.

Deinol reported back to me with what the next caravan would like from us.

Why would the mountainhomes want windows so bad? What are you going to look at with them underground?

Doomshifter, 7th of Sandstone, 302.

My watchtower is coming along nicely!

Doomshifter, 17th of Sandstone, 302.

The traders left, finally. With them they bring our useless junk high quality trade goods to the mountainhomes.

Doomshifter, 18th of Sandstone, 302.

The dog at the gates started barking like mad, and I heard the distinctive swing of a cage trap loaded with a wooden cage. It’s a beautiful sound…

I ran out to see what it was. I was both surprised and greatly amused at the same time. Okay, I laughed when I saw what poor creature got stuck in the cage. I laughed right at it, but I don’t think anyone else will mind.

I’ll leave our friend here for public jeering in the dining hall.

Doomshifter, 19th of Sandstone, 203.

I saw a rather soggy dwarf holding some stone before. It’s not raining… why was he so wet?

((What the fuck? Get out of there, you!))

Doomshifter, 9th of Timber, 302.

I was staring out at our glorious traps today, and one… one just caught my eye. It wasn’t very special, just a weapon trap with a kobold’s dagger attached to it, but it made an impact on me. I decided to give him a name.

He shall surely serve us for years to come!

Doomshifter, 15th of Timber, 302.

We found a large vein of copper! Excellent!


deinol deinol

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