A Line of Dwarves

Deinol's Pyramid

Deinol, 1st of Granite, 306

I don’t know why I agreed to step in for another year. Maybe I hit my head while digging. Oh well, at least this way I can finally make certain I have a proper tomb built.

Why are so many dwarves not working? We have a huge unemployment problem. Clearly I’ll need to start a new work project. I know! Build a tomb! I’ve also heard our fisherdwarves keep being attacked, so maybe a wall should be built around the fishing areas.

Why don’t we have any masons working? Even if there is nothing else to do, every workshop should be making blocks. But furniture! We don’t have any weapon or armor racks? No wonder the Dungeon Master is cranky.

Deinol, 5th of Granite, 306

I tell the woodcutters to have at the new crop of trees. The elves won’t be happy, but if they were I wouldn’t be doing my job right.

I have realized that the Fortress Guard is woefully understaffed. Any layabouts that I cannot find work for will be recruited.

Deinol, 14th of Granite, 306

Goblin ambush from the northeast. Definitely need to finish that wall area. I order all the dwarves back inside while the troops deal with it, but a hunter is caught on arrival.

Deinol, 15th of Granite, 306

Our chief marksdwarf decided to go “pick up equipment” off the fallen hunter. This brought him in direct contact with the goblin archers.

He takes out one of them and wounds another before getting shot himself.

The rest of the squad arrives to make a last stand over his body but his wounds were too great.

The remaining goblins are slaughtered by the other two marksdwarves. I order the grave of our fallen champion to be engraved with his exploits.

Deinol, 24th of Granite, 306

Trade with some elves. They bring wood and cloth. I give them our finely crafted silk goods. They don’t seem to mind the goblin blood.

Deinol, 4th of Slate, 306

Small mining mishap with my tomb project. I should have dug a slightly different way. Oh well, Rith wasn’t badly hurt.

Deinol, 14th of Slate, 306

Some migrants arrived, including a philosopher. What use it this guy? Our population is now 123.

Deinol, 2nd of Felsite, 306

It appears the stockpiles are full. I’ve got a bunch of dwarves standing around doing nothing. I’ll see what I can do to fix that, but it may take some time.

Deinol, 5th of Felsite, 306

A bunch of the workers are complaining about a groundhog hanging around the river. Excuse me? Is there something I don’t know about the fierceness of groundhogs?

Deinol, 7th of Felsite, 306

Sent the soldiers to patrol the river, cleared out the groundhog infestation. I think some of the dwarves have been talking to elves a little too often.

Deinol, 20th of Hematite, 306

Banana is elected mayor! Congratulations!

Deinol, 8th of Malachite, 306

Adil Asteshnitig has created atridmunest lilarrasuk, a copper flask. Valued at 276000. All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encircled with bands of billon. This object is adorned with hanging rings of turtle shell and menaces with spikes of copper, schorl and phyllite. On the item is an image of a phyllite bracelet in billon. On the item is an image of a groundhog bone bed in phyllite. On the item is an image of cats in rope reed.

Deinol, 14th of Malachite, 306

I finished the wall around the fishing area. I also had Dooms install a floodgate to block off the entrance in case of emergencies.

Deinol, 17th of Malachite, 306

Stupid monkeys keep bothering our workers. I’m going to set the marksdwarves on hunt for a little while, and hope they clear them out of the area.

Deinol, 2nd of Galena, 306

Banana, why do you insist we make waterskins? I mean, I like that you are mayor and all, but shouldn’t you leave the management of construction to me for a while? You can do this next year, ok?

Deinol, 9th of Galena, 306

Sibrek Emalducim died of injuries from what I assume was a sparing match. Our population is now at 122.

Deinol, 10th of Galena, 306

I made some offices and furnished them for the mayor and dungeon master. Now they should stop complaining about how terrible their accomadations are.

Deinol, 20th of Galena, 306

Banana met with the humans. Here are their requests. I say they get whatever we feel like making.

Deinol, 15th of Sandstone, 306

Mebzuth Lisatzuglar has created Luslemgatin, a obsidian armor stand. Valued at 61200. It is encircled with bands of Pine, muskox bone and pink tourmaline. This object is adorned with hanging rings of phyllite and menaces with spikes of obsidian and rose gold. On the item is an image of a shining sun in turtle shell. On the item is an image of a quarry bush in turtle shell. On the item is an image of a horse in hoary marmot bone.

Deinol, 25th of Sandstone, 306

Some more migrants arrive, bringing our total up to 131.

Deinol, 25th of Timber, 306

Edzul, the cook, gave birth to a baby girl.

Deinol, 12th of Moonstone, 306

Another goblin ambush. Told everyone but the soldiers to get inside. At least they attacked the front gate, so I didn’t have to wait long for the troops to get into position. Lost one to the initial attack though.

Deinol, 19th of Moonstone, 306

I called the all clear too soon. Another wave came from the east.

Deinol, 25th of Moonstone, 306

After a brief firefight, most of the goblins fled west.

Deinol, 19th of Opal, 306

Banana had a long talk with the liason from mountainhome. Here’s what they’d like us to produce:

Deinol, 12th of Obsidian, 306

I spent half the year looking for more aluminum. I finally give up and decide to mine some cinnabar and look what I found!

Deinol, 18th of Obsidian, 306

Bomrek Zenegobok has create Uvothrem Bobet Shadmal, a cave spider silk rope. Valued at 8800. It is encrusted with alunite and decorated with turtle shell. It is made from cave spider silk cloth. This object menaces with spikes of cave spider silk. On the item is an image of two groundhogs in hoary marmot leather.

Those groundhogs sure left an impression on the artists.

Deinol, 1st of Granite, 307

I’m finished with all my projects. My tomb is very nice, with some legendary engravings by Banana. I am quite satisfied.

It was a fairly quiet year overall. Our defenses are in fairly good shape. Our smithy production needs a bit more organization. We are probably overdue for an expansion of the living quarters. The fisherman can fish in peace thanks to the wall. I stockpiled some cinnabar for anyone who wants to be decorative.

I think I’m going back to the simple mining life again. Good luck Banana!


deinol deinol

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