A Line of Dwarves

Magma Summer

Xieg, 15th Felsite, 304

It is completed. Pierced the wall today and now sweet sweet magma is pouring down the channel. Fortifications setup in the channel should also keep out the pesky imps and magmamen that dwell there. Three cheers for the miners who completed this job!

On another joyous note, my office is also complete. A nice quiet place to validate all those work orders I imagine future rulers will be using. Hint Hint

Xieg, 19th Felsite, 304

Sigun, a tanner, has withdrawn from society. Hopefully we have the tools he needs to complete whatever grand design Armok has fed into his mind. He claimed the leatherworks. If all works out I may have someone who can crank out some decent leather pieces for the military, atleast until we have a proper set of dwarfy metal armor for each dwarf.

Xieg, 20th Felsite, 304

And he has begun.

Xieg, 24th Felsite, 304

A rhesus macaque caught and killed a one of the dwarves today as he was gather plants from the country side. The locals have dubbed him Thosbutgusil, or Drillcopper in the common tongue. I didn’t know those monkeys had it in them to kill a dwarf.

In better news today, Sigun has finished his creation. A hoary Marmot leather shield that he has named Omristadek, Wildside. I find it rather appropriate. Instructed one of the soldiers to pick it up and start training his shield skills. The downside is he seems to have applied the divine knowledge to his tanning ability. He can really stretch and tan some dead animal skin with skill, but otherwise he is useless

Xieg, 10th Hematite, 304

Been a slow summer so far. Today humans came to visit. Wonder what they are carrying.

Quite a few good things. Bought out all their wood and booze, a mess of meat, and an anvil. Looks like all that goblin equipment we’ve been storing came in handy.

Xieg, 15th Hematite, 304

My magma channel seems to have emptied an entire layer of the magma pipe.

Xieg, 17th Hematite, 304

Halls are getting too clogged. Had to tear apart former ruler Banana’s office to expand them. He is currently been relocated to the dining room. Will remedy this at the first opportunity.

Xieg, 25th Hematite, 304

Civilian dorm relocation moving along nicely. Should have everyone move into the new apartment complexes with time to move onto other projects. Each dwarf has a room with a door, bed, and cabinet to stop the spread of everyone’s clothes into the halls.

Xieg, 27th Malachite, 304

Quiet month. Set the engravers to engrave the smoothed dining room to make in as fancy as possible. That should keep the dwarves happy for a while.

Xieg, 7th Galena, 304

Rhesus macaques again. No sign of Drillcopper though. Methinks he has gone off to greener pastures.

Xieg, 12th Galena, 304

Forge area has been cleaned of useless stone, dropped into the new magma dump in the lower corner there. Starting to setup some smelters and once I dig into that hematite vein and make some more anvils, a series of forges will go up too.


deinol deinol

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