A Line of Dwarves

More Dwarves

Xieg, 11th Limestone, 304

Dwarves! Envoys from the mountainhome! Atlast we can trade for some proper dwarven booze!

Grabbed some wood, booze, food, seeds, cheap cages, and a pair of steel corkscrews for future magma megaprojects.

Xieg, 19th Limestone, 304

Started training marksdwarves. Hopefully we won’t have to use them anytime soon, they can’t hit the broad side of a forge.

Xieg, 13th Sandstone, 304

My tomb has been completed, for now anyway. It is filled with the products of the new forges, 4 billon statues and a billon sarcophogus. I would have opted for platinum, but we haven’t uncovered much as of yet.

Xieg, 2nd Timber, 304

Minus one soldier who is on leave due to losing a toe in a freak wrestling accident, my marksdwarf squad is complete, each having achieved the necessary skill to shoot a bolt into a fleshy enemy.

Xieg, 3rd Timber, 304

A dwarf named Nish, a farmer, has withdrawn from society. Wonder what this one is going to do. He claimed the craftdwarf shop. That’s alot of stuff he is grabbing there.

Xieg, 10th Timber, 304

Migrant wave, dandy. More mouths to feed.
  • 1 Jeweler
  • 1 Siege Operator
  • 1 Butcher
  • 1 Woodcrafter
  • 1 Woodburner
  • 1 Pump Operator
  • 3 Useless Peasant
  • 1 Horse
  • 1 Cow

Now there are 85 of us. Thats alot of dwarves to keep busy.

And the artifact is done. Misastis, The Hazy Dunes, a groundhog bone bed. I like it. Its going in my new bedroom.


deinol deinol

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