A Line of Dwarves

Shell Shock

Banana, 303

Thats a good looking wall


Thats a really nice wall

i dont even remember why i took this picture, lulz

Milker goes secretive

Flooding wasnt going anywhere. I just closed it off and made the plot on what was there.

Made a really big stockpile room for food, finished goods, wood, and furniture since we didnt have big enough stockpiles for them downstairs

Double report. Fisher gets pwned by goblins and that milker from earlier goes insane.

I dont fully understand this picture. The goblins were attacking this guy for like 5 minutes and then the goblins just took off. The guy was perfectly fine, a few cuts a scrapes but he wasnt dead.

Id better make some bins.

Milker dies.

And this is a great follow up for that

He goes insane and dies

Another strange mood

lots o’ mechanisms. If the next person plans to do anything with the magma, you will have little to no trouble getting things set up.


even moar lulz

Peasant goes insane


Banana’s Tomb:


  • We have NO wood. This will be a problem.
  • All of my strange moods have required shells. HE HAVE NO SHELLS.
  • I have done nothing with the magma.
  • That peasant is still insane
  • The stoneworkers are smoothing all of the bedrooms to make dwarves happier. Feel free to let them or stop it. Whichever works for you.
  • You might want to make some more doors to put on the bedrooms because some of them are without doors.


deinol deinol

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