A Line of Dwarves

Siege of Winter

Xieg, 10th Moonstone, 304

Siege! Those damned goblins dare oppose us? The troops have been mobilized and are at their posistions!

Xieg, 19th Moonstone, 304

Siege is broken. A number of goblins have been captured in cage traps at the front gate. The new wrestler squad, which was stationed deep in the fort due to the high number of archers, decided to charge out anyway. A number are dead or wounded. Started to forge armor for the survivors.

Goddamnit, they also got the watchbear.

Xieg, 6th Opal, 304

Installed the some goblin captives in my tomb. I think it adds a certain ambiance.

Xieg, 2nd Obsidian, 304

My term will be coming to a close soon. Probably a good thing, I need a vacation. Booze is becoming an issue. We have plenty of plants to brew, but barrels are scarce. We are very low on wood and copper barrels take a while. A note for my predescessor, make barrels, make booze, wash, rinse, repeat.

Xieg, 1st Granite, 305

Attached is the final fort status as well as the current requests from both the Humans and Dwarves. May the next leader do things wisely, or at the very least dwarvenly.



Redid the dining room so its two long sets of tables with a single row of cages between the tables. Added meeting areas to the tombs so that dwarves will visit the fallen once in a while.

Booze is a problem due to the lack of barrels, smiths are currently making a crapton of copper ones.

We also have a large quantity of caged animals. Someone needs to make a zoo or something.

Oh and the next ruler should try and finish the foritifications on top of the red wall to make the marksdwarves life easier. A second tower on the north side would be a good idea too.


deinol deinol

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