A Line of Dwarves

Snatcher Spring

Xieg, 1st Granite, 304

The reigns of power were foisted upon me this morning. Not entirely sure why, up until now I’ve been unemployed, just like 50% of this fortress, 60 dwarf fortress, 28 idling in the dining hall. Stupid idea coming out here, nothing to do. But, now that I am in charge, lets fix that.

First, time to spread the power around. Our previous ruler Banana seems to think he can be both Bookkeeper and Manager. Bah I say! I have since installed myself as manager and am having a modest office carved out for me.

Second order of business is to re-purpose the majority of these dwarves who are jobless. Beefing up our agridwarf sector by having a number of them take up farming. Some of the more useless dwarves have been drafted.

Now, there are many exposed ore veins here, as well as gems out the wazoo. It is a mystery to me why a forge operation hasn’t been setup. Ever since we discovered that magma pipe its been sitting there unused. Begun a magma channel project to bring magma to an area to the east of the dining room, where a proper forge will be started.

Xieg, 12th Granite, 304

Just discovered our hunters are apprently badasses. They chase after muskoxes and bludgeon them to death with either fist or crossbow. When I inquired as to why they do that instead of shooting them, I am told they have no more bolts. This ofcourse was said by one hunter as he stood next to a spent bolt. Right there, right next to him. I told them to re-use their old bolts as well as ordered the craftsdwarf to carve more out of bones.

Xieg, 15th Granite, 304

Elves! Tree hugging cannabalistic bastards. Lets see what they are offering me.

Wood and cloth… I hate elves. We commandeered the wood and sent the hippies on their way. Have since started barrel mass production.

Goblins! Ambushing bastards. Mobilizing the troops to deal with them while all civilians are ordered inside.

Snatcher! What the hell is with all these visitors today?

Well the dwarf who found the snatcher dealt with him easily, but was soon set upon by the ambushers. He was a pin cushion by the time the military arrived. They dealt with the ambushers, lost a couple of dwarves to crossbow fire though. Need to establish a marksdwarf squad to deal with the green bastards.

Xieg, 20th Granite, 304

Second and Third snatcher this month. Who pissed in the goblin’s cereal today? Its not like we have produced any real value here yet.

Xieg, 25th Granite, 304

More ambushes. Lost another dwarf to the goblins.

And snatchers. Wish they would just siege already

And a kobold thief. That’s certainly different Not sure where but there is certainly alot of yelling about him. On second though found him. He stabbed a woodcutter in the head and ran off. Guy is lucky to still have one eye.

Xieg, 20th Slate, 304

Mostly uneventful this month, except for that naked insane peasant finally croaking.

Xieg, 22nd Slate, 304

Migrants… Lead by a dungeon master. Entirely naked except for the hood, cloak, and a pair of mittens… Why? Its raining for Armok’s sake!

Grand total migrants:
  • 1 Dungeon Master (thank Armok only one)
  • 1 Miner (Hallelujah, digging can go faster now.)
  • 1 Siege Operator
  • 1 Animal Trainer
  • 1 Animal Dissector
  • 1 Mechanic
  • 2 Fishery Worker
  • 1 Woodworker
  • 1 Leahterworker
  • 2 Weaver
  • 1 Weaponsmith
  • 1 Metalcrafter
  • 1 Metalsmith
  • 1 Craftsdwarf
  • 5 Useless Peasant
  • 1 Useless Child
  • 1 Dog
  • 2 Cow
  • 3 Donkey
  • 1 Horse
  • 2 Mule
  • 2 Cat (Damnit. Didn’t see the sexes. I have heard tales of forts being drowned in cats due to a phenomenon known as catsplosion. Will keep an eye on the cat populations.)

In other news, the magma channel is almost complete. Soon we will crack open the magma pipe and have plenty of fuel for our fires.


deinol deinol

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