A Line of Dwarves

Summer of Love

Doomshifter, 3rd of Hematite, 203. Early Summer.

Our carpenter finished his work! Tilesh RĂ­bar, he called it, which translates to ‘The Trusses of Homage’. It’s a Birchen casket, with an image of three waves on the front. I hope this isn’t a bad omen… I sure hope we aren’t anywhere near an ocean! Haha.

In honour of my own rulership here, I assigned it to be built for my use in the afterlife. Erith is now back to work on beds, and I must say that all the work he is doing is rather nice!

Doomshifter, 13th of Hematite, 203.

The wall is going well! Inner and outer sections are complete. I’m flooring it, and then I will roof it.

Doomshifter, 17th of Hematite, 203.

All hail! Deinol has become a legendary miner.

Doomshifter, 22nd of Hematite, 203.

My far superior flooding system for some large underground farmland is nearly ready for action! One floodgate still needs to be placed, and both of these connected to mechanisms before we can use it.

Doomshifter, 4th of Malachite, 203.

Began work on larger meeting/dining room, so I could house more dwarves and widen the choked pathways!

Doomshifter, 6th of Malachite, 203.

So, I was talking to Deinol today, and…

No WONDER he gave me this job! I’m so happy!

((Just a note here, I had NO IDEA THIS HAPPENED. I went to see how I was doing, and then I noticed I was in love, and then I noticed… hehe..))

Doomshifter, 20th of Malachite, 203.

Not much happened lately, but I do have some notes. *The wall is finished, except for the roof. *The chamber is almost ready to flood. *We ran out of wood. *My tomb is coming along nicely. It even has engravings of my coffin! 8The new dining room is up and running.

Doomshifter, 4th of Galena, 203.

The dining room is all carved out, tables and chairs are being moved inside, and all the walls and floors are being smoothed.

Doomshifter, 15th of Galena, 203.

Warm rock? Rith, the miner, tells us that this may mean that there is magma around here! I can only hope that we’ve found a vein of the mountain’s blood, so we can start metalworking!

Doomshifter, 23rd of Galena, 203.


I am overjoyed! I might make some modifications to it, too. All those useless migrant workers need something to do!


deinol deinol

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