A Line of Dwarves

Tower of Power

Warhammer, 2nd Granite, 305

Well, the elections are finally done (How we managed to keep em secret from the noble, I’ll never know) and I am now the new ruler of this fortress. still not sure how i got voted in. Heck, i spend so much time in my workshop making crafts that i barely know anyone. ah well, down to buisness. Had a talk withe the previous administration. didn’t catch most of it, mainly dealt with military concerns, but it’s not like the guy is going anywhere.

later took a walk around the fortress to get better acquainted with the fortress when i noticed something about our archery ranges: the marksdwarves are standing two feet from the target. I quickly ordered the Masons to build walls to extend the archery range.

Mason: can’t, sorry

Me: and why not?

Mason: the floor is in the way of building walls. Can’t build a wall on floors.

I must say that yelling is oddly satisfying.

Warhammer, 3rd Granite, 305

ordered masons to finish the fortifications on the walls. didn’t get to yell. disappointed.

bad news today. we are running low on beer. The book keeper believes we have less than one pint of beer per person int the fort.

I immediately order the production of more beer.

let’s hope he manages to get it done.

Warhammer, 8th Granite, 305

was talking to some military guys recently. They said they would like a small tower on the northern wall to help with lookout duties. Currently planning with the masons and architects to get it done. am planning to add catapults to the top to help with sieges.

Warhammer, 15th Granite, 305

Elven caravan arrived today

Tried trading them some crafts for some wood after a short, one sided, Very loud discussion with the miners as to why we can’t cut down saplings for wood. But they left mumbling about trees. none of the crafts were made of wood, so no idea what’s irking him.

Warhammer, 18th Granite, 305


Warhammer, 19th Granite, 305

another thief. interrupted a soldier on patrol to the north. Archery range finished. Waiting to construct tower until masons finish fortifying the southern wall

Warhammer, 21st Granite, 305

Fisher gave birth to a baby girl. She promptly loses it and begins trying to find it.

we now have more booze than people.though we did hit 1 unit of booze at one point.

Warhammer, 27th Granite, 305

migrants arrived

what we got:
  • 4 siege Engineers (+donkey, bull)
  • Animal dissector
  • dyer
  • clothier
  • cook
  • 3 peasants (+cow, mule)
  • trapper
  • weaver
  • miner
  • metalcrafter
  • soap maker (guess who gets drafted)
  • armorer
  • animal trainer

population: 100 flat

Aban Ninglath became a legendary champion

Warhammer, 21st Felsite, 305

Child got taken by mood. took the last of our wood. Yelled at parents for raising a social reject.

Warhammer, 28th Felsite, 305

Child made an obsidian ring.

yelled at child for using up last of wood.

Book keeper tells me that we are running short of Booze….... Again.

Warhammer, 12 hematite, 305

human caravan arrived with wood, and booze (Huzzah!) had some other stuff that we couldn’t afford it all. Seized goods we couldn’t grab.

Warhammer, 2 Malachite, 305

thief appeared

Warhammer, 16 Malachite, 305

Unib is cranking out a Feldspar of masterpieces

Began construction on my tomb. it will be a 15 story tall tower in the courtyard. I dare all later rulers to build a taller tower in under a year for their own family tombs.

Warhammer, 17 Malachite, 305

thief appeared. hunter killed it.

Migrants Arrived

Warhammer, 17 Galena, 305

dwarf starved today. apparently, she got stuck on a ledge.

Migrants arrived
  • cook
  • planter
  • engraver
  • 2 peasant
  • leatherworker
  • woodcutter
  • mason

population 108

Warhammer, 14 limestone, 305

caravan arrived

Snatcher arrived, but got away unharmed

Warhammer, 22 Limestone, 305

Ambush occured, all goblins annihilated. no casualties

woodcutter had a mood

Another ambush, probably alit’s last stand, but he took one Goblin with him.

scene of the last stand

a few more were taken care of by the military

Warhammer, 4 Sandstone, 305

artifact completed. an alder ring.

Warhammer, 5 sandstone, 305

snatcher arrived. nearly made off with kid but i activated a nearby miner. miner killed the goblin, but the child suffocated soon after. (not sure why she suffocated)

animal population killing framerate. beginning mass executions.

dwarves are refusing to harvest 20+ plump helmets. not sure why.

Warhammer, 14 sandstone, 305

‘nother snatcher, killed it dead

Warhammer, 4 Timber, 305

we have somehow run out of plump helmet spawn. yelled at cooks for killing seeds

Warhammer, 12 Timber, 305

My tomb is now complete. it is ten stories tall with a section about 4 stories up for markes dwarves to use if a siege ever occurs.

some of the dwarves have started sitting in front of the archeru targets while drinking. not sure why, maybe it’s sunnier there?

Rhesus macaque interrupted som fishers. sent military to deal with it.

Warhammer, 14 Obsidian, 305

leatherworker taken by mood. made this doozy.

all that happened during winter.


deinol deinol

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