A Line of Dwarves

Winter at the Wall

Doomshifter, 1st of Moonstone, 302. Early Winter

Ah, there’s a chill in the air today. Winter has arrived, at last! Not that anyone seems to care. The well is finally operational, thanks to me putting a wall in place to make the reservoir a bit smaller. The original size was a little over the top, and I doubt we’ll need that much water.

Doomshifter, 2nd of Moonstone, 302.

I am SICK and TIRED of dwarves tracking their filthy muddy boots ALL OVER my courtyard. So, I’ve come up with a FINAL SOLUTION.

“PAVE THE COURTYARD! NOW!” I shouted at them!

Maybe this will teach those filthy fools…

Doomshifter, 13th of Moonstone, 302.

What is that we caught in our cages today, diary? A goblin you say? Boring. A goblin MASTER THIEF you say? Now we’re talking.

What sort of a MASTER THIEF walks into a cage trap?

Doomshifter, 17th of Moonstone, 302.

Ms. Wetdike here has a penchant for running into kobolds! How fortunate for a woodcutter to be running into them! She clubbed the thing right to the edge of our road with a single swing and kept going.

Doomshifter, 22nd of Moonstone, 302.

You’d think that goblins and kobolds WANT to die. Another woodcutter found a goblin thief and sliced his head off with her axe. I saw it about 10 paces away from his body. 2 paces in the other direction lay it’s arm. Clearly it didn’t stand a chance.

Doomshifter, 28th of Moonstone, 302.

A fisherdwarf went secretive. He barged into the craftsdwarf’s shop and booted the guy out. Goodness knows what he’s going to make, but I have a feeling it will be very pretty and probably rather useless. ... I’ve seen what he took, and I know that it will be VERY shiny. He took a lump of native aluminium, a rough pink tourmaline and some elk leather.

Doomshifter, 6th of Opal, 302.

Our fisherdwarf friend made an AMAZING bracelet! It even has a picture of THE QUEEN in native aluminium! I’m impressed. ‘Steelold the Pungent Fortification’. It certainly reeks of fish, that’s for sure…

Doomshifter, 14th of Opal, 302.

Our chef has given birth to a bouncing baby boy! Yay! She is quite the baby-machine, this lady. She’s already got two other children, but this is her first boy.

Doomshifter, 7th of Obsidian, 302.

I promoted Deinol to Sheriff! He seems pleased. So pleased, in fact, he asked me for a nicer room. Considering that I one day may be sharing that room, I gladly obliged.

Doomshifter, 19th of Obsidian

Diary, I’m getting tired of this leadership stuff. I think it might be time soon to settle down and get back to my mechanisms… I’ll give it to the end of the year, and fob the job off on some other unfortunate.

Doomshifter, 24th of Obsidian

I told the dwarves to give me something nice to commemorate my leaving. I ordered them to build another layer to my wall, purely out of the cinnabar I found. A bright red wall! It will be glorious!!

a few teardrops mark the page

Doomshifter, 1st of Granite, 303. Early Spring

It’s new years day, Diary! Time for my leadership to end! Hopefully my brilliant red wall will go ahead as planned to mark my leaving the post. I’ll leave a note of our fortress’ stocks for the next ruler, may he or she rule prosperously and lead Boltnarrows to it’s inevitable greatness! I’m so sad, but I’m so happy!

So long, Diary! May you reach good hands, and may Edim’s charity reach the next ruler!

(( Okay, so my year is up! I’m a bit sad, because I had sooo much fun! My paving project was half-completed, so just let that run. As well as my big red wall :3

Some notes for the next ruler.
  • Down below, there is a room very slowly flooding. Once it is all flooded, or at least all muddied, I recommend you pull the levers to close the flow of water and open the room to the public (I’ve marked all of the levers with a N)ote.) Use this muddy rock to farm on.
  • You might want to do something with that magma, which I left untouched. I don’t have a military, so four fire imps and a fire-man are kinda dangerous. That area is blocked off at the moment. ))



deinol deinol

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