A Line of Dwarves

Winter Descends

Deinol, 4th of Moonstone, 301

Fall was a very busy time. I had our mechanic install a lever operated floodgate at the entrance to the aqueduct. There wasn’t time to place on the reservoir side. I’ll have him work on that once the initial flood subsides.

Main Aqueduct Lever

A caravan of fellow dwarves arrived. We don’t have a wide selection of goods yet, but they were willing to accept a few mechanisms in exchange for some extra food. We came to an agreemant about next time. We’ll work on improving production of the following goods:

Trade Agreemant

As the caravan left our first batch of immigrants arrived. 8 adults and 2 children. They of course didn’t bring any food with them, so it’ll be a scarce winter. At least we have enough extra hands to help clean the place up a bit.

First Immigrants

With the new arrivals I’ve started work on expanding the living quarters once again. Do children need beds? I’m a miner, not a parent. We’ll figure something out. At least we can get more workshops operational.

Expanded Settlement

The farming plot is ready to go. Once the floodwaters recede a little, we’ll poke a hole and install a new floodgate. We should be ready to plant plump helmets and other crops in the spring.

Farm Outline

It’ll be a rough winter ahead but after this it should get easier.

301 Winter Stats


deinol deinol

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