A Line of Dwarves

Year 1 Complete

Deinol, 1st of Granite, 302

So I was busy trying to get everyone organize for the winter. There were a bunch of new people in the fortress and I tried to find something for everyone to do. I asked Stinth├Ąd to take an axe and go hunting. I forgot to check if we had any spares. He goes off and tries to wrestle an elk. The elk bit his arm off.

Don't Hunt Without Axe

Since he was way off by the creek it took a while to get someone to drag him back to bed. He’s resting, but the well isn’t filled yet. None of my dwarves can pay attention long enough to bring a bucket of water all the way from the creek.

Hospital Bed

By the end of the winter he died of thirst. Well almost has water. Next time I design an aqueduct, it is going to have a little more pressure to speed filling.

First Loss

Stinth├Ąd only ever did as I asked and it is my fault he died. I’m digging a tomb for him so we can lay him to rest properly.

First Tomb

Living areas for the new migrants are complete. I’ve laid out room for more workshops and ready supply areas. I also gave our accountant an office.

Living Area

The well is just now getting the first of its water. I’ll never make an aqueduct that way again. Needs just a little more pressure in the system. Oh well, it works for now. The farming area is about ready to go, I was just waiting for the well to get enough water first.

Farm and Well

So that’s it for me. I’m done being in charge. I’m going to retire to a simple life of digging. There’s plenty left to do, but it is the next guys problem.

I suggest:

  • Start farming. Needs a floodgate put in.
  • Move the stockpiles into an indoor area.
  • Build up defenses.
  • Search for Magma. There is a volcano to the south east, so I would dig around in that direction.

Deinol Retires Spring 302


deinol deinol

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