A Line of Dwarves

Doomshifter Begins

Doomshifter, 1st of Granite, 302. Early Spring

So, I was sitting in our little meeting hall when my good friend Deinol comes up to me. He taps me on the shoulder. ‘I’m done. It’s your turn.’ he told me. I assumed he wanted me to mine or something. Hadn’t he told me to go fishing? ‘No,’ he replied, ‘I’m tired of leading. You’re up.’ No sooner had he told me that, he ran off to go mine something. Ah well. I guess I could give this leadership thing a go!

I looked over our fortress, something I hadn’t done properly yet. I had a few… concerns.

Why are these out HERE? Surely the kobolds, monkeys and goblins will be all over them in no time! I will have to move them.

I can’t seem to remember what these are for. That second one has instructions to link it to.. something. I guess I’ll remember in a bit! I’ve announced that no one is to do anything with these levers quite yet, as I’m unsure of their function. I’ll be sure to write their function down once I discover it.

Is that… By Edim’s charity, that’s Stinthad! I thought we were going to bury him! I’ll order up a casket for him IMMEDIATELY!

I cringed when I heard this. Are we truly out of booze?! I will get the stills working right away!

Apart from that, I have no other immediate concerns. I shall get to work on my duties immediately!

Doomshifter, 10th of Granite, 302. Early Spring

Buried Stinthad. May he rest in peace.

On a lighter note, I solve the mystery of ONE of the levers!

This floodgate is controlled by the lever above it. Now, why would Deinol want to flood this area? We have a perfectly good layer of soil to make farmland on.

Doomshifter, 12th of Granite, 302.

I never thought I’d say this, but…


Erm, that is, the things they bring are brewable… I’m happy for the booze, not the elves…

What is this?! All our trade goods are in WOODEN bins! With LEATHER items! We can’t trade with the elves like this! They shall surely scoff at us. It seems they leave me no choice but to take their goods by force.

Doomshifter, 16th of Granite, 302.

The elves were ‘persuaded’ to leave their trade goods for the profit of dwarfkind. Hopefully we can get some booze made up before we all have to start drinking WATER!

21st of Granite, 302.


I’ve ordered someone to take him down.


Fortunately, a nearby woodcutter turned his axe from the trees to flesh and cut down one of the as the second fled for his pathetic life. We’ll see you again sometime, Glidisinkis.

Doomshifter, 26th of Granite, 302.


Doomshifter, 2nd of Slate, 302.

Began work on a wall, to protect our external stockpiles. It’s a temporary and shoddy job, in my opinion, but it will clear some of the rock from inside, protect out assets for now, and prove a useable base for a more impressive wall later!

Doomshifter, 5th of Slate, 302.

What in the world is this?

Stockpiles… INSIDE? Madness.

Doomshifter, 19th of Slate, 302.

Blasted kobolds! That’s three of them already! Our clerk, who was storing something or rather, made short work of it, beating it to a pulp without taking a scratch. That’s the sort of ethic I like to see in my dwarves!

Doomshifter, 28th of Slate, 302.

Now THAT’s what I like to here

Our food and alcohol stockpiles are now nice and high!

Oh, I hear calling outside! One moment, diary.

Migrants! The calling was migrants! Let’s see what we got.

... I watched on in horror as they kept coming. It was like an endless tide of migrants… They finally stopped when we got to a population of 40. Considering we had 16 before… That makes a population jump of 24! 24 hungry mouths to feed! Well, they shall all be put to work, every single one!

We received:
  • 1 Miner
  • 1 Woodworker
  • 3 Rangers
  • 1 Metalsmith
  • 1 Jeweller
  • 2 Craftsdwarves
  • 9 Peasants
  • 1 Fishery worker
  • 4 Farmers
  • 1 Engineer

Doomshifter, 5th of Felsite, 302.

I’ve decided I may as well make these peasants do SOMETHING. I’ve told them all to get started on my wall. I think this wall will become a little more glorious than I suspected!

Doomshifter, 13th of Felsite, 302.

Some idiot hunter decided to chase a muskox towards the entrance of the fort. Some of my migrant builders panicked and now refuse to work, but on the bright side, my newly installed cage-trap has one muskox happily tucked away.

On another note, I tied a bear (that we stole from the elves) to the wall-entrance of our fort, to detect sneaky kobold thieves and goblin snatchers. No thief will even consider trying to break in when a savage bear guards the entrance!

Doomshifter, 24th of Felsite, 302.

The first layer of the wall is finished! It has ensured that there is only one entrance and exit, so all those who would seek to do us harm will be destroyed by our traps and guard-animals!

Doomshifter, 26th of Felsite, 302.

Erith, our carpenter, who was in the middle of building beds suddenly shouted aloud, “I HAVE AN IDEA!” and ran off towards the carpenters workshop with some logs. I have heard of these fey moods, and only hope it succeeds, for great profit!

Thus ends Spring… Next up is Summer!

((The carpenter took three birch logs. Goodness knows what he’ll make. If he makes a furniture item, I’ve so got dibs on it ;3 ))

Year 1 Complete

Deinol, 1st of Granite, 302

So I was busy trying to get everyone organize for the winter. There were a bunch of new people in the fortress and I tried to find something for everyone to do. I asked Stinth├Ąd to take an axe and go hunting. I forgot to check if we had any spares. He goes off and tries to wrestle an elk. The elk bit his arm off.

Don't Hunt Without Axe

Since he was way off by the creek it took a while to get someone to drag him back to bed. He’s resting, but the well isn’t filled yet. None of my dwarves can pay attention long enough to bring a bucket of water all the way from the creek.

Hospital Bed

By the end of the winter he died of thirst. Well almost has water. Next time I design an aqueduct, it is going to have a little more pressure to speed filling.

First Loss

Stinth├Ąd only ever did as I asked and it is my fault he died. I’m digging a tomb for him so we can lay him to rest properly.

First Tomb

Living areas for the new migrants are complete. I’ve laid out room for more workshops and ready supply areas. I also gave our accountant an office.

Living Area

The well is just now getting the first of its water. I’ll never make an aqueduct that way again. Needs just a little more pressure in the system. Oh well, it works for now. The farming area is about ready to go, I was just waiting for the well to get enough water first.

Farm and Well

So that’s it for me. I’m done being in charge. I’m going to retire to a simple life of digging. There’s plenty left to do, but it is the next guys problem.

I suggest:

  • Start farming. Needs a floodgate put in.
  • Move the stockpiles into an indoor area.
  • Build up defenses.
  • Search for Magma. There is a volcano to the south east, so I would dig around in that direction.

Deinol Retires Spring 302

Winter Descends

Deinol, 4th of Moonstone, 301

Fall was a very busy time. I had our mechanic install a lever operated floodgate at the entrance to the aqueduct. There wasn’t time to place on the reservoir side. I’ll have him work on that once the initial flood subsides.

Main Aqueduct Lever

A caravan of fellow dwarves arrived. We don’t have a wide selection of goods yet, but they were willing to accept a few mechanisms in exchange for some extra food. We came to an agreemant about next time. We’ll work on improving production of the following goods:

Trade Agreemant

As the caravan left our first batch of immigrants arrived. 8 adults and 2 children. They of course didn’t bring any food with them, so it’ll be a scarce winter. At least we have enough extra hands to help clean the place up a bit.

First Immigrants

With the new arrivals I’ve started work on expanding the living quarters once again. Do children need beds? I’m a miner, not a parent. We’ll figure something out. At least we can get more workshops operational.

Expanded Settlement

The farming plot is ready to go. Once the floodwaters recede a little, we’ll poke a hole and install a new floodgate. We should be ready to plant plump helmets and other crops in the spring.

Farm Outline

It’ll be a rough winter ahead but after this it should get easier.

301 Winter Stats

Fall Rush

Deinol, 5th of Limestone, 301

The summer passed too quickly. I don’t think we have time to completely finish the reservoir. I’m going to partially flood it so we have water for the winter. Once the water level goes down to a safe level we’ll get back in and finish digging.

Partial Reservoir

At least the rooms are furnished. Not much to look at yet, but I’ve left room for them to be expanded in the future. Dining hall is getting closer to completion. There are food stores and the new well right near the entrance.

Living Arrangements

Fall will be a busy time. Hopefully we can stockpile enough food for the winter. Once the reservoir has water I will begin working on a farming cave. Time to get back to work!

Fall 301 Status

A Quiet Summer

Deinol, 1st of Hematite, 301

It was a pleasant spring. Here’s some of us taking a break from digging and other jobs to have a drink.

Drink Break

By the end of spring we have several workshops up and running. If that lazy carpenter would finish the rest of the beds, everyone else would have a place to sleep. As it is only myself and Ducim, the mason, have bedrooms. Ducim has been working double time to make enough doors. Next up is to have him build enough tables to create a real dining hall.

Living Area

We’ve made a start on an underground reservoir. We have a well in place, we just need to get water to it. The plan is to finish the aqueduct by the end of summer, then install floodgates while we dig out a bigger reservoir.


All and all, things have been going well. It looks like it will be a pleasant summer this year. Now back to digging!

Summer Stats

A New Fortress Begins
Welcome to Boltsnarrow!

Setting Out

Deinol, 1st of Granite, 301

I come from a long line of miners. My father and my father’s father were miners. My great grandfather could say the same. It was with this distinguished history that I was chosen to lead an expedition to found a new mining outpost.

Surveying the area it looks a little bleak.

Fortress Site

It is a good solid mountain though.

Elevation Map

With a few steep areas.

Cliff Map

Should be full of rich deposits and easily defendable.

So before we set out I need to select some supplies. I opted to bring extra beer and wood, as trees will probably be a bit sparse that high up the mountain. I also brought plenty of seeds for cave farming. A pair of dogs are always good to have around to keep vermin under control.

Supply List

My expedition is mostly filled with inexperienced youngsters looking to make a name for themselves. There is nothing like a year of carving out a home to put hair on your beard.

Settler List

We said our farewells and set out on the road. We wanted to get there at the beginning of spring so we’d have plenty of time to stock up before winter.

Setting Out

We finally arrived on the 1st of Granite. We stopped the wagon on a crest to get a good feel for the area.


To the northeast is a creak which will be our primary source of water. We’ll work on making an underground resevoir immediately.

Nearby Creak

I think this would be an excellent area to create the entry to our domain. It’s the best source of wood in the area, and we can gather a few plants and fish too.

Initial Site

I laid out some plans for workshops and rooms. Then I tell my lazy companions to get to work.

Initial Build Plan

The first spring begins.

Spring 301 Status

Welcome to the Planet of Omens!
A Succession of Dwarves

And the world is created.

A new planet is born


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