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  • Winter at the Wall

    h4. Doomshifter, 1st of Moonstone, 302. Early Winter Ah, there's a chill in the air today. Winter has arrived, at last! Not that anyone seems to care. The well is finally operational, thanks to me putting a wall in place to make the reservoir a bit …

  • Year 1 Complete

    h4. Deinol, 1st of Granite, 302 So I was busy trying to get everyone organize for the winter. There were a bunch of new people in the fortress and I tried to find something for everyone to do. I asked Stinthäd to take an axe and go hunting. I forgot to …

  • Doomshifter Begins

    h4. Doomshifter, 1st of Granite, 302. Early Spring So, I was sitting in our little meeting hall when my good friend Deinol comes up to me. He taps me on the shoulder. 'I'm done. It's your turn.' he told me. I assumed he wanted me to mine or something. …

  • Summer of Love

    h4. Doomshifter, 3rd of Hematite, 203. Early Summer. !http://apathyblogs.com/pics/df/dooms/casket1.jpg! !http://apathyblogs.com/pics/df/dooms/casket2.jpg! Our carpenter finished his work! Tilesh Ríbar, he called it, which translates to 'The …

  • Autumn Magma

    (( And NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED oOo till of course we got to autumn. )) h4. Doomshifter, 1st of Limestone, 302. Early Autumn. The weather changed today, so I know today is the first day of autumn. I could just feel that cool wind blow when I stepped …

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