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  • Snatcher Spring

    h4. Xieg, 1st Granite, 304 The reigns of power were foisted upon me this morning. Not entirely sure why, up until now I've been unemployed, just like 50% of this fortress, 60 dwarf fortress, 28 idling in the dining hall. Stupid idea coming out here, …

  • Magma Summer

    h4. Xieg, 15th Felsite, 304 It is completed. Pierced the wall today and now sweet sweet magma is pouring down the channel. Fortifications setup in the channel should also keep out the pesky imps and magmamen that dwell there. Three cheers for the …

  • More Dwarves

    h4. Xieg, 11th Limestone, 304 Dwarves! Envoys from the mountainhome! Atlast we can trade for some proper dwarven booze! !http://apathyblogs.com/pics/df/xieg/Dwarves.jpg! Grabbed some wood, booze, food, seeds, cheap cages, and a pair of steel …

  • Siege of Winter

    h4. Xieg, 10th Moonstone, 304 !http://apathyblogs.com/pics/df/xieg/ewbowmen.jpg! Siege! Those damned goblins dare oppose us? The troops have been mobilized and are at their posistions! h4. Xieg, 19th Moonstone, 304 Siege is broken. A number …

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