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  • Winter at the Wall

    h4. Doomshifter, 1st of Moonstone, 302. Early Winter Ah, there's a chill in the air today. Winter has arrived, at last! Not that anyone seems to care. The well is finally operational, thanks to me putting a wall in place to make the reservoir a bit …

  • Winter Descends

    h4. Deinol, 4th of Moonstone, 301 Fall was a very busy time. I had our mechanic install a lever operated floodgate at the entrance to the aqueduct. There wasn't time to place on the reservoir side. I'll have him work on that once the initial flood …

  • Siege of Winter

    h4. Xieg, 10th Moonstone, 304 !http://apathyblogs.com/pics/df/xieg/ewbowmen.jpg! Siege! Those damned goblins dare oppose us? The troops have been mobilized and are at their posistions! h4. Xieg, 19th Moonstone, 304 Siege is broken. A number …

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