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  • A Quiet Summer

    h4. Deinol, 1st of Hematite, 301 It was a pleasant spring. Here's some of us taking a break from digging and other jobs to have a drink. !http://apathyblogs.com/pics/df/013drinkbreak.png(Drink Break)! By the end of spring we have several …

  • Summer of Love

    h4. Doomshifter, 3rd of Hematite, 203. Early Summer. !http://apathyblogs.com/pics/df/dooms/casket1.jpg! !http://apathyblogs.com/pics/df/dooms/casket2.jpg! Our carpenter finished his work! Tilesh RĂ­bar, he called it, which translates to 'The …

  • Magma Summer

    h4. Xieg, 15th Felsite, 304 It is completed. Pierced the wall today and now sweet sweet magma is pouring down the channel. Fortifications setup in the channel should also keep out the pesky imps and magmamen that dwell there. Three cheers for the …

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