A Dwarf Fortress Experiment

One of the things I love about Dwarf Fortress is the way the world builds history. My goal is to create an ever evolving dwarf fortress game. If a fortress fails we shall start another one in the same world. We will keep growing this shared world for as long as we can.

Each player will run the fortress for one year. They will also keep a log of important events during their reign, preferably with screenshots. At the end of the year they may rename one of the dwarves and mark their title as ‘Retired Ruler’. They should also take a screenshot of the status screen so we can track the population from year to year. An export of the map should also be made. Then we will pass the save file to the next player.

The game will use df v28.181.40d. Feel free to look around the Main Page. Begin reading from the first log entry. Our latest Save File is also available.

A Line of Dwarves